Scott Storch Working On 'Lucky' Luciano Flick

Scott Storch may be poised to make a come back from recent financial troubles, as the chart-topping producer has been tapped to work on Crash, an upcoming film about organized crime boss, Charles “Lucky” Luciano.

Storch will be involved with Crash in a producer capacity, along with independent record promoter Joe Isgro and his Full Force Productions, which is raising over $35 million dollars to finance the film.

According to Variety, Crash chronicles Luciano’s rise on New York’s Lower East Side in the 1900’s through violence, extortion and liquor bootlegging, to his rise to power by creating the blueprint for today’s modern day organized crime structure.

Luciano, who was sentenced to 30-years in prison for pimping and pandering, was eventually released after he cooperated with the government, by helping to root out German spies on the New York waterfronts.

He also arranged for U.S. soldiers to receive safe passage as they traveled through Sicily.

Crash is being written by Bobby Moresco and focuses on the governments efforts to lock Luciano away before his untimely death of a heart attack in the Naples airport in 1962.

Isgro, himself was investigated for having ties to the Gambino crime family in New York.

In 1990, he was acquitted of payola charges, in what was then labeled the “biggest music payola prosecution in three decades.”

The news comes amidst financial woes for Storch, whose $10 million mansion in Miami is facing foreclosure.

Storch, who is wanted on a warrant for failing to appear at a court ordered child support hearing, also has paternity and child supports suits.

The producer also reportedly owes over $500,000 in real estate taxes and another $500,000 on a defaulted loan.