Scott Storch Working On Shyne's New Album

Producer Scott Storch is expected to be a major player in the musical comeback of rapper Shyne, who was deported to his native Belize after over nine years of incarceration.Storch exclusively told of his plans to craft a new album for the former Bad Boy. "Yeah, Shyne's my man. I've been talking to him and I was talking to him all through his prison sentence. He's always remained a loyal person to me," he told said that he and Shyne actually befriended each other while Shyne was in jail for a December 1999 shooting that left several people wounded. "We became friends after he was already in [jail] and I found out he was a fan and he's just a hell of a cool guy," Storch continued. "I'm looking forward to doing, not just one record, but doing a chunk on his album." DJ Khaled's new album, Victory, features a new song by Shyne, Akon, Mavado called "All My Life." That opus is slated for a 2010 release. Presently, artists and producers are being flown in to Belize to work with Shyne. To read more on Scott Storch and his current work, including more details on Shyne's album, read the two-part feature on Tuesday December 29 and Wednesday December 30. Storch also discusses his recovery from a cocaine addiction, his relationship to Timbaland, Lil Kim and his plans for a strong comeback, among other matters.