Scratch Coming To DVD

Doug Pray's feature length film "Scratch,"

will hits stores on DVD September 17th. "Scratch" is billed as a story

of hip-hop through the eyes of the DJ and is a virtual who's who in the world

of Turntablism.

The DVD features performances, appearances and

interviews with such notables as Afrika Bambaataa, GrandWizard Theodore, the

Original Jazzy Jay, Premier, Qbert, DJ Shadow, Red Alert, Dilated Peoples, Jurassic

5, NuMark, Swamp, Mr. Wiggles, J-Smoke and a ton of others.

The DVD is a special two-disc set with over 4

hours of bonus material. In addition to the movie, the two-disc DVD features

audio commentary, bonus scenes and interviews, plus DJ Z-Trip's "How to

Rock a Party" tips, a DJ Qbert turntable tutorial with multiple video and

audio angles, interviews with the Philly DJ Masters: Cash Money and DJ Jazzy

Jeff, Battle Sounds documentary clips and more.

"Scratch" premiered to critical acclaim

at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival and his been shown around the world in theaters

since the debut. The soundtrack to "Scratch" is also available in

stores now.