Scratch Mag Adds Blokhedz Cartoon Series

Under the helm of

editor-in-chief, Jerry Barrow Scratch magazine has rapidly gotten the attention

of the mainstream with its emphasis on the audio portion of Hip-Hop.

While, DJ's and producers prevail, the magazine has added a

feature familiar to Hip-Hop fan, Blokhedz comic series.

The self-proclaimed "street-adventure" comic series

will be a recurring feature in the magazine beginning with the current issue

with Nas and J Premier on the cover.

"Blokhedz has already secured itself as the Hip-Hop head's

answer to the superhero call of distress. For years rappers have been poising

with their different monikers as alternate personalities," Nicole Duncan-Smith,

Blokhedz comic producer, told "Blokhedz has with characters

that range from the DJ to the MC to the hood dude that just makes you laugh


The union between the two publications was a natural fit, according

to Duncan-Smith.

"[We all] rep with authenticity and fervor. Linking with

Scratch was a natural because the very essence of their vision gives life to

the pages of the comic," Duncan-Smith said.

Barrow agreed and stated that Scratch would continue to explore

the relationship between the rapper, the DJ and the producer.

"Scratch is committed to the art of making hip-hop. Period.

We cover the creative side and the business side," he said. "Artists

like Kanye [West], Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri have blurred the line

between producer and MC for years, we're just reflecting that more.

"Producers like talking about beats, but they also want

people to know their story,” Barrow continued. “I want to give the

readers both. On the other side, there are MCs who would like to talk about

how they make their albums; they'll have voice in Scratch as well."

Although the current issue has been out since late November,

the Nas/DJ Premier issue could be the highest selling edition of the magazine.

He both legends were enthused about being featured together.

"Nas was really responsive because it was a genuinely great

idea to pair him with DJ Premier. He beat Premo to the studio for the [photo]

shoot," he said.

In addition to Nas, Premier and Blokhedz, the current Scratch

issue features provocative stories on Marley Marl, DJ Muggs & Gza and the

making of Bad Boy's Biggie duets album.

Blokhedz, which was created and illustrated by Mark and Mike

Davis, has continuously old out since its debut in early 2004.

According to Blokhedz

writer and producer Brandon Schultz, the company plans to publish books and

manufacture toys in the image of Blockhedz's characters.


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