Screwed Up Click Member Big Moe Suffers Heart Attack; Texas Rappers React

Original Screwed Up Click member and Houston, Texas based rapper Big Moe has suffered a heart attack and is currently in a coma sources revealed to

Big Moe, born Kenneth Moore, suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday (October 7) and is currently hospitalized on life support, struggling to stay alive.

Big Moe was one of the first Screwed Up Click members to enjoy national success.

He debuted on Wreckshop Records in 2000 with the album City of Syrup.

In 2002 Big Moe released his sophomore album titled Purple World, which spawned his best known record, "Purple Stuff."

He remained active making cameo appearances on a number of singles and mixtapes with Houston artists like Z-Ro, Mike Jones and UGK's Pimp C.

"Big Moe has been a part of the Texas scene forever it seems like," Paul Wall told "Its tough to see somebody you admire and respect holding on for their life. I can only imagine how his family feels. My heart and prayers go out to them and he stays in my thoughts and prayers. God willing he will pull through. I feel selfish as a fan I want him to keep making music. But as a friend I just want him to hold on and keep living."

The Screwed Up Click is a famous rap collective which was founded by Robert "DJ Screw" Davis Jr.

Some members of The Screwed Up Click have gone on to national prominence, while others have fallen victim to crime or drugs.

The original group consisted of rappers like Lil' Keke, Big Pokey, Botany Boyz, Z-Ro, Lil' O, Trae, Lil' Flip, E.S.G., brothers Fat Pat and Big Hawk and numerous others.

Both Fat Pat and Big Hawk were both tragically murdered on the streets of Houston.

DJ Screw died of a heart attack in November of 2000, after overdosing on a lethal dose of codeine and cough syrup.

"Me and my whole Boss Hogg Outlaw Gang wanna send our prayers out to Big Moe and his family," Slim Thug told "We hope to see him get better soon. I just was informed of this situation and its sad to see him in bad health after all the loses S.U.C. has suffered so far."

Houston radio personality the Crisco Kidd echoed Slim Thug's seniments about the tragedies S.U.C. has endured over the years.

"It's sad to see another member of the legendary S.U.C. in an unfortunate situation," Crisco Kidd stated. "Everyone reading this, please stay positive and will Moe to recovery."

According to sources close to Big Moe, he was recording material for a new album, which was slated to be released sometime next year.

Other members of the Houston Hip-Hop community offered words of support and their prayers for Big Moe and his family.

"What he's done,with the help of the S.U.C., was create a music scene that will continue to define Houston Hip-Hop for years to come," said Maddhatta of Houston's Maddhatta Morning Show on 97.9 The Box.

Rapper Rob G. labeled Big Moe part of "the back bone that made Houston music what it is today."

"He's part of the reason guys like me step on that stage with their head high and say 'I'm from Houston," Rob G. added.

Houston rapper and S.U.C. member Trae is optimistic that Big Moe will make a full recovery.

"I know the homie is gonna pull through, he's a solider. The world needs to say a prayer for my bro, my teammate, my click member and on behalf of Houston and the South we love him. Recognize him now, don't wait till someone is gone to recognize them."