Sean John Investigated For Sweat Shop Conditions

According to reports, P.Diddy's Sean John clothing line is coming under fire for allegedly using sweatshop labor in the Honduras.An anti-sweatshop group, National Labor Committee, said that the Southeast Textiles factory in Choloma, Honduras where the clothes are made, subjects workers tod daily body searches, contaminated water, 12 hour daily shifts and a whopping 24 cents for every $50 shirt that is sewn.The report said that women were given mandatory pregnancy tests and if they were tested positive they were fired.The violations are illegal but the law is rarely enforced because the government is fearful that various corporations may leave.The executive director of the National Labor Committee, Charles Kernaghan, is currently traveling on a multi-city tour exposing the harsh working conditions in the factory. 80 percent of the factory is alotted to Sean John, while the other 20 percent produces Jay-Z's Roc-A-Wear clothing company.It was not clear whether Roc-A-Wear was part of the National Labor Committee's scrutiny.Officials for Sean John said they had no knowledge of the working conditions in the Honduras, but planned to launch an inquiry.