Sean John Out Does Bad Boy


Daddy had a good

year, in terms of his business ventures. While his label, Bad

Boy brought in $60 million in revenue, the real success story

comes from his clothing line, Sean John. Sean John brought in

over $100 million for the CEO. "When I'm Sean John, it's definitely

like an alter ego" he told Newsweek.

"It's something

that's separate from the music and the videos and my celebrity.

I started it to do it forever, and if I don't train people in

the Sean John flavor as far as designing, the idea won't be able

to live long." Puff was also nominated for the Council Of Fashion

Designers Of America Award, which is fashion's Grammy Award. His

latest collection will be the first ever broadcast live on E!

Television and the Style channel doing a live two-hour simulcast.

In a darker side to

Puff's life, he is being hit with another lawsuit. A woman is

claiming that a Beverly Hills home she rented from Puff for $25,000

per month was "infested with insects, rodents and vermin."

Combs spokespeople have denied any of the wrong doings, noting

that the woman owes Puff $50,000 in back rent and $40,000 in damage

that she caused to the home.

While at the home,

the woman claims she received numerous death threats addressed

to Puff and a message warning Puff to stay away from his girlfriend,

Jennifer Lopez.