Sean Kingston Ordered To Pay $301,500 In Jewelry Debt

AllHipHop Staff

Sean Kingston is going to have to pay ups for losing his jewelry.

(AllHipHop News) Sean Kingston must pay $301,500 to jewelry company bosses at Aqua Master after he failed to appear in court following a dispute over stolen items.

A judge ruled that the "Beautiful Girls" hitmaker is responsible for the cost of nine pieces, including two diamond necklaces and two watches after he was sued by executives at the New York-based brand for failing to pay for them.

The suit was filed in 2016 after the star collected the items, promising his business manager would pay for them, but the balance was reportedly never settled.

While two checks were apparently sent to the jewelry company, they are said to have bounced. Aqua Master also accused Kingston of flaunting the bling on his Instagram page.

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