Sean Kingston's Takes An L In Court Over Alleged Jewelry Theft

Sean Kingston is out of a $300,000 necklace and this time it's his fault.

(AllHipHop News) Sean Kingston's lawsuit against bosses at a nightclub over an alleged altercation has been dismissed after the rapper stopped showing up to court.

The "Beautiful Girls" star was at the Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in Los Angeles in 2016, when he was reportedly approached by two men who beat him up and stole a $300,000 necklace from around his neck.

Kingston alleged the security guards at the club were behind the attack, during which he was assaulted, punched and hit with a champagne bottle.

Kingston was seeking a minimum of $900,000 in the lawsuit, but according to reports, the case has been dismissed after the singer failed to show up to court twice.

The case has been dismissed with prejudice, giving Kingston the chance to re-file in the future.

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He's a 'Brain Surgeon'...... easiest way to LOSE IN COURT is to not show the f*ck up! Catching 'L' s like weak meek & Turdman..........