Sean "P. Diddy" Combs Says Chances Of Owning An NBA Team 100 Percent

Sean "P.Diddy" Combs is following in

the footsteps of fellow mogul Jay-Z and is in talks to purchase an NBA team.

Combs wouldn't be specific, but said that the

negotiations were serious. He said his chances of owning a piece of a team

in the next 10 years were 100 percent.

"There are two teams I'm looking at,"

Combs said a technology summit hosted by the NBA. "I'm actively looking,

My biggest dream is to own an NBA team."

Combs, whose fortune is valued at over $250 million

dollars, expressed interest in buying the New York Knicks last year, but nothing

came of it.

When told of Combs' intention of buying a team,

NBA commissioner David Stern said, "I hope he's saving his money because

the price of buying a team is going to continue to rise."

The price will not be a likely deterrent according

to Combs.

"Other teams should take me seriously,"

Combs said. "I never give up on my dreams and I will do this."