Search for a Hip-Hop Hitler: Did Killa Cam Kill Hip-Hop?

"Shots go off mothers cry, death since rise, homicide

Black On Black crime needs to stop, Y'all can't blame

it on Hip-Hop" - Wyclef Jean, "The Industry"

I could tell by the way the media were pumpin' up

the Cam'ron 60 Minutes interview days prior to the

airing that this wasn't going to be one of Hip-Hop's stellar moments.

With Hip-Hop already under fire in the Don Imus

aftermath, which was only eclipsed by the Virginia Tech

murders, America needed a new bad guy; a Hip-Hop

Hitler to point to as the source of all of

America's problems...Enter Cameron Giles...

Let's face it. It was ill advised, (or for the less

politically suave, down right dumb) for Cam to say

that he wouldn't turn in a serial killer livin' in the

crib next to his, while Ethel Lou in Topeka was

still shook from the story about the Virginia Tech


However, in reality it was a set up that stank to high

heaven. White America needed a new mainstream posterchild to blame for the deterioration of America's

moral values and Cam'ron gave it to them, signed,

sealed delivered and decorated with a golden eagle


Historically, America has always needed a Black boogie

man, a sacrificial lamb on whose back all the sins of

the world could be placed.

If you look back at the Civil Rights Era, when Reverend

Martin Luther King was leading his march to bring

attention to racial/economic injustice in Memphis, the

media focus was not on the smooth talkin' dude in the

nice suit, but on a gang of paid-off ruffians called

The Invaders, who allegedly wrecked havoc on innocent

bystanders. This served as evidence that segregation

was indeed justified because Black folks were not

quite civilized enough to eat a hot stack of pancakes

at Howard Johnson's.

Things became increasingly worse in the late ‘80s as

White folks went from trying to segregate a swimming

pool to trying to segregate an entire ocean at

Virginia Beach. The cause of the of problem was not

discrimination. No, according to the press, the real

problem was that Black college kids were shattering

the plaster in Biff and Britney's summer cottage with

their darn "ghetto blasters”...

During the early ‘90s, I remember how the videotape

of Rodney King being brutalized by the L.A.P.D. was

replaced by Reginald Denny getting a mediaeval beat

down by a four man army of "street thugs." And no, the

"rioters" in L.A. were not making political statements

about systematic socioeconomic inequalities, they

were just monsters on a blood thirsty rampage fueled

by N.W.A. lyrics and St. Ides malt liquor.

Things have remained the same in the 21st century.

Back in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,

the questions about broken levees and government

cover-ups were drowned out by America's outrage over

Black thugs stealing wide screen TV sets from washed

out department stores. And since they didn't have any

electricity the thugs spent their afternoons target

practicing at helicopters that were trying to deliver

food and medical supplies to storm victims.

For those with long term memory disorders, they need

only think back to last winter when the outrage over

Michael "Kramer" Richards dropping all those N bombs

quickly switched to a national debate over why Black

folks call their homies the "N" word.

This brings us to the Imus "nappy headed ho" fiasco,

where the news clips of a deranged looking cowboy who

looked like he had one too many shots of Jack Daniels

were replaced with clips of Snoop Dogg giving his deep

intellectual insight into the various degrees of


So that brings us up to 4/22/07 and the Cam interview,

where the talking heads have just discovered that not

only don't rappers, "love dem ho's" they ain't got no

love for the Po Po's either. What is odd is that they

did not once mention that the genesis of the distrust

of the police is not based on a rap lyric but rooted

in decades of Jim Crow-isms, COINTELPRO and numerous

cases of mistaken identity and driving while Black.

Did they once mention that the Sean Bell shooting was

maybe just enough to make Black folks believe that the

Officer Friendly from their kindergarten coloring

books, wasn't so friendly after all?

Although Hip-Hop has been pretty resilient over the

years as it has been a consistent cheddar producing

cash cow for phat cats from Park Avenue to Rodeo Drive,

based on the current political climate as Moe Dee

told LL back in tha Day "this be the death blow."

Now, I am far from a Hip-Hop apologist but I know a

set-up when I see one. And you can best believe that

the "Hip-Hop" question will be the source of endless

political debates between now and the next election.

What America will never admit is that ultimately, Hip-Hop is not the problem, racism is. And if you get rid

of racism today, the "N" word and all things

associated would be gone tomorrow.

To portray all Hip-Hop artists as members of some

Third Reich is ludicrous. Although some of the major

record label owners may bear some resemblance to the

evil master of propaganda, Adolf Hitler, "da 50 Cent"

is not "der Fuhrer."

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott represents the Messianic

Afrikan Nation in Durham, North Carolina. He can be reached at