Seattle Hosts 8th Annual Hip-Hop Congress National Conference

AllHipHop Staff

Efforts to create and capitalize on opportunities for social and economic progress will take center stage at this year’s Hip-Hop Congress National Conference.

The eighth annual event, which kicks off today (July 29) in Seattle, will feature various activities that include trainings, film screenings, and workshops.

For J-Infinite, the conference holds the key to putting the power of Hip-Hop to good use.

"Hip-Hop is social glue for today's youth," the Seattle Hip-Hop Youth Council member said. "It's something that the majority of us have in common and can relate to, so we use it to teach a positive message. It's a tool for empowerment."

Workshops scheduled for the conference include Hip-Hop and Healthcare, Marketing Hip-Hop in the Digital Age, Youth Center Building, Taking the Money: Ethics in the Movement, Working with Incarcerated Youth, Hip-Hop and the Green Economy, Self-Management for Artists and Hip-Hop without Borders- International Coalition Building.

The event is to designed to provide tools for artists and entrepreneurs to strengthen the independent Hip-Hop economy, as well as offer strategies for using Hip-Hop as a platform for Human Rights advocacy, education, community organizing, and youth leadership development.

Conference goers will be treated to film screenings of The New Muslim Cool, The Beat featuring Rahman Jamaal and Masizakeh, a documentary by Scott Macklin about Hip-Hop and education in South Africa.

In addition to the workshops and screenings, organizers will welcome special guest artists such as Akil of Jurassic 5, The Jacka of Mob Figaz, Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers, DLabrie, Knox Fam and Quanstar. Toki Wright, Black Stax, Dee.aLe of DMS, Penny Pinchin Records, Skurge, Stress, YDMC, Darkside, Mic Crenshaw, Wyzdom, Sellasie, Shamako Noble, Suntonio Bandanaz, Block Teamsters Union are also slated to attend the event.

The Hip-Hop Congress’ 2009 National Conference will be hosted at Umojafest P.E.A.C.E Center, Garfield Teen Life Center, Hidmo and other neighborhood institutions in Seattle’s central district as the event continues on Thursday (July 30) and Friday (July 31).