Seattle Rapper Raz Simone Accused Of Being A "Warlord"

Kershaw St. Jawnson

The rapper has been holding it down in Seattle.

(AllHipHop News) Raz Simone, the lyricist responsible for "They Don't Understand," is showing people what happens when people are pushed to their end and have to set up their own systems of justice.

But Fox News is painting a different narrative.

The Seattle rapper was caught on film allegedly roughing someone up for painting graffiti in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

The video made some people believe that he and his colleagues are trying to start their own nation, as a protest against outrageous policing in Seattle.

Ever since the current wave of civil unrest has washed over the country, many cities have expressed outrage at the way black and brown people have been treated. In Seattle, the protesters have taken over about six-blocks, around the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct.

In a scene straight out of "Lord of the Flies," the protesters seemed to have rejected elected governance and named their own leaders. One of the leaders is supposedly Raz Simone, who is about enforcing the rules of the land … and doing it with unbelievable force.

It has been reported that Simone can be seen in CHAZ armed with an AK-47 and a handgun, but in a video, he says that he is legally able to carry and discourages others from doing so.

This YouTube video flatly disproves the idea that he is out here instigating Helter Skeltah. You can see him asking for people with the right to carry arms - and their paperwork proving so - to go towards the outskirts of the zone to protect the masses.

While those who are occupying the CHAZ are comfortable with their appointed leadership, some are saying that Raz is losing his mind with power. Could Raz Simone be more like a warlord, than a community leader? Could he just be sick and tired of being sick and tired?

While this seems like a little thing going on in Seattle, the movement that the CHAZ protesters are involved in is really real and could lead to him to getting in serious trouble with the feds, if it can be proven that he is an anarchist and revolutionist.

Tucker Carlson took to his Fox News platform to attack the 30-year-old rapper to push that thought.

“ … the nation of CHAZ to get its first warlord and it was quite a promotion for him. Just a week ago Raz Simone was an up and coming rapper. He was also a Super Host for AirBNB. Now, he is a monarch," Tucker Carlson fumed.

Carlson ponders how these people can start a nation, within a nation. The irony strangles more than the New York summer heat.

Does the FOX News pundit not see that America was started by people creating their own nation, after being dissatisfied by the governance of the empire?

Clear on the treasonous narrative being set, Raz Simone wants everyone to know he is simply protesting and acting within his constitutional rights.

He says bluntly on the digital megaphone known as Twitter, “I am an American Citizen.”

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Too bad there is video of you distributing guns. Once this little experiment ends (assuming you survive) they'll be federal charges waiting.. You be going away for a longlong time.


Another out of work dirt bag rapper creating havoc. He does not speak for the law abiding BLACK citizens that follow the rules, have jobs and are contributing to society. He is disgusting.