Second Cop Claimed Meek Mill Pointed A Gun At His Head

Another cop gave some questionable testimony about rapper Meek Mill and his arrest with a gun over ten years ago.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill could encounter some problems when his bid for freedom heads to the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania.

The rap star could be freed in June after prosecutors recently agreed his original conviction should be vacated over perjured testimony given by the police officer who arrested him in his 2008 drug and gun case. The cop in question is named Reginald Graham, who had been placed on a list the District Attorney kept of corrupt police officers.

Meek and his lawyers have been using Graham's perjured testimony as one of the main arguments for the rap star's release.

But there were two other officers who assisted Reginald Graham in arresting Meek Mill.

New documents that have surfaced this week contain testimony of the second officer who arrested the rap star during an encounter over ten years ago.

Officer Johnson testified he was startled when Meek allegedly "pointed the gun pointed" at his head.

"I fell backwards and tried to take cover," Officer Johnson testified. “I was blindsided by a .40 caliber handgun that was bigger than mine and I’m defenseless and I have two babies at home. What do I tell my wife after that? I can’t tell her anything."

A third officer named Sylvia Jones who was present when Meek was arrested did not testify.

Earlier this week, prosecutors officially agreed Meek Mill's case was tainted enough to grant the rapper a trial, which would have allowed him to be released on bail.

However, Judge Genece Brinkley refused any testimony from the defense during the proceedings, and instead set another hearing for June.

Meek and his legal team have claimed Judge Brinkley has a vendetta against him, as proven by her recent decision to keep him locked up in spite of overwhelming evidence that the rapper did not receive a fair trial.

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Lies,Stories,we would have never known Meek if that Happened.


There's a kid on Soundcloud. Idk here he's from he came out of no where but I found his intagam.
frazier636 is his instagram and his soundcloud is Frazier. ill put the links below.


No need to 'make stuff up' weak meekness STUCK on Doin' DUMB SH*T!