Second Students Sues Lil' Wayne, Morgan U for $ 1 Million Dollars

The aftermath of a Morgan State University homecoming concert featuring rapper Lil’ Wayne continues to result in legal problems for the rapper, who has been named in a new lawsuit filed by a second Morgan State student.

In the suit, Carlisa Dixon claims that she was "impaled" by a metal pole in the chaos that broke out, after Lil’ Wayne threw a large amount of cash from the stage into the audience during the show, which took place last year.

The rapper (born Dwayne Michael Carter) was "setting up to sing a third song entitled 'Money on My Mind'" when the incident occurred, the suit further stated.

Dixon, who was a 20-year-old junior at the time of the incident, was knocked into the "bicycle type metal barricade" that separated the fans from the performers as concertgoers moved forward to get the money, according to the suit, which revealed that Dixon was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital after her left thigh was punctured by a fence support.

The injury, which required surgery, resulted in "the embarrassment of scarring and disfigurement," Dixon stated in the suit.

Although Morgan State spokesman Clinton R. Coleman declined to comment on the suit because of school policy, he told the Maryland Daily Record that he heard from the university police that Lil’ Wayne threw mostly $1 bills into the crowd.

"When he threw the money, the students were likely not able to determine what denominations they were," Coleman said. "They just saw bills."

Dixon’s lawsuit comes on the heels of a similar suit filed last month by Tyrique Layne, another Morgan State student who claims that she was trampled in the same incident and now suffers from cognitive deficits.

Dixon and Layne are suing Lil’ Wayne and his record and touring companies for $1 million each.

Dixon also seeks $1 million from Morgan State, claiming the university was negligent in managing the sold out October 2006 concert and reacting to the incident.