Secret Service Contemplates Action Against Eminem

The United States

Secret Service, assigned to protect the President of the United States, is considering

action against Eminem, due to the lyrics of an unreleased song.

On "We as

Americans," the rapper recites the lines "F*ck money, I don't rap

for dead presidents/I' de rather see the President dead."

The pro gun song

doesn't specifically mention President Bush, but the Secret Service told CNN

they were taking the lyrics seriously.

"We are aware

of the lyric and are in the process of determining what action, if any, will

be taken," Secret Service spokesman John Gill said.

Eminem's spokesman,

Dennis Dennehy said that the song was unfinished and that is was either lost

or stolen.

Dennehy also said

that he was not sure when of if the song would ever be released.

The song appeared

on the Internet last week with seven other unreleased Eminem tracks from an

EP titled Straight From the Lab.