Security Bill Passes, Government Watching Rappers

Monday, Pres. Bush passed a controversial Home

Land Security Bill that has many people, including rappers, concerned. The law

passes after the federal government admitted they have been probing various

rappers for almost a year.

The bill combines 22 federal agencies, including

the Secret Service, the Coast Guard, the Customs Service, the Federal Emergency

Management Agency and the Immigration and Nationalization Service and will employ

over 170,000 people. The bill allows for unprecedented freedom in the monitoring of

American citizens.

The government has been reportedly investigating

several unnamed rap entities and production companies, seeking to find out how

they obtained guns and drugs. The probe also is seeking to determine whether

money laundering operations are taking place.

"They are close watching [rappers],"

Nore told "It's not rap music. They automatically point

the finger at a rapper," Nore said of the recent violence that has been

plaguing hip-hop.

Nore is not one to shy away from his well documented

encounters with the law, but says that he has changed, since he was married

August 30.

"I got kids and a wife. So, I'm just cool.

I'm not a sucker, don't get me wrong, but I'm living for the kids now. I can

remember coming off a tour and the first thing I do is go to the hood. Now,

its nothing like that."

Nore was skeptical of the governments probe into

rap, saying that there were too many circumstances and causes to just blame


"Anything can happen around you and you

get blamed for it, you dig?" Nore continued. "Something can happen

at a club and just the fact that my name is on a flyer or I'm in there [they can blame me]. I stay outta trouble period because I have things to live for."

Nore elaborated on the Hot 97 shooting incident

that allegedly took place between members of Nore's crew and members of Lil'

Kim's entourage, which left a man shot in the back.

"You know what's the thing about it [the shooting at Hot 97] is, no artists had anything to do with anything, you dig?

I wasn't even there. They really took care of CNN and Lil' Kim just to pull

our names apart. They never mentioned I wasn't there."

He also revealed that after an Atlantic City,

NJ concert, which was supposed to feature Nore, Styles and Khia was canceled

because police feared that the venue would breakout with gang violence,

he contemplated suing the city.

"That was one of the worse, like the worse

ever. I was gonna sue the whole town behind that because they slandered my name.

I was scared of myself reading that article. I was going to sue but it turns

out that I am never going to do a show in that town again."

"For people to just make up stuff like

that is sad. I took it like a man. I took all the bad press. I don't even take

it as being towards me, I take it as being towards rap music. We're so far beyond


Nore is currently finishing up the latest CNN

album and his solo album. He is also featured on Dru Hill's Dru World Order,

which hit shelves today (Nov. 26).