See What Pharrell, Tyler The Creator & Justin Timberlake Say About Frank Ocean

The singer's breakout project is celebrating an anniversary.

(AllHipHop News) Six years ago this week, Frank Ocean released his R&B opus channel orange. The Grammy-winning album launched the singer-songwriter into superstardom.

Apple Music got statements about Ocean from some of his contemporaries. Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, and Tyler, The Creator spoke about the elusive vocalist during Beats 1 Radio's "Frank Ocean Essentials Beats 1 Special."


He is the arc of no compromise, no concession and very colorful with it. I feel like that's what is very interesting about his journey, because if you understand him, then you know anything that he's ever done is just what he's really, really felt. Nothing ever feels like a mistake with him, but of course, we all — as human beings — make mistakes. But his ability to make nothing feel like a mistake, and everything has a purpose, even his flaws, just seemed to be well thought out.


We've never ever in our life planned a collaboration. I'm always in the studio, just making sh*t, and he’s like, "Where you at?" and I’m like, "I’m at the studio," and he comes, and I’m like, "Yo, what do you think of this? I can’t think of a melody"’ And he’s like, "Oh, let me try something." He’ll go in there and do it and then that's it. We have an understanding. I trust him. He trusts me. I'm like, "No, leave it. Trust me, this is tight," and he’s like, "Alright.”


Frank is phenomenal… Frank like for me it’s like this great R&B singer and Bob Dylan at the same. It’s the expression and the honesty that comes through. You talk about a person that writes in Rubik's Cube of cryptic material but the vocal, the emotion of the vocal gives you a glimpse into how genius the lyrics are. And it's almost like everything with the lyrics is so cerebral but everything with his voice is all heart.

A "Frank Ocean Essentials Playlist" is also currently available on Apple Music. Besides channel orange, the New Orleans-bred entertainer released the critically acclaimed mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra as well as the albums Endless and Blonde.