Seeing Stars (Young Ones At That): The Youngest Athletes At The Olympics

AllHipHop Staff

There's no age limit on success - just tune in at anytime to the 2012 Olympics for proof. Among the refined and experienced are the young and promising. Recently, the USA gymnastics team earned gold. The first gold since the 1996 team had everyone chanting simultaneously, "USA, USA!" Among the “Fab Five,” as they are affectionately called, is Gabrielle Douglas. She is the energetic and amazing 16-year-old, so poised and about her business, even at such a ripe age.

Another young member of Team USA is 17-year-old Jordyn Wieber. The California native is among the young elite. Other countries such as Mexico have their hopes set on budding talents such as Ivan Garcia, who is only 18. At 17, Alejandra Valencia, also from Mexico, is actually the second young archer representing her country.


British Olympic diver Tom Daley may only be 18, but he recently released an autobiography, My Story. Australia is also among the countries with the youngest people representing, led by 18-year-old gymnast, Emily Little.

Tom Daley

And, the list goes on for the youngsters, who prove being the best based on age isn't always true.

There is so much inspiration to gain with from watching teens walk away with the gold, or simply compete with all their heart. No need for age limits when it comes to the Olympics, and in life, period. Besides, ability without any stopping points doesn’t see youth, just talent. No point in saying wait until you've done this or are old enough to do that, time waits for no one, cultivate skills now. That’s what Gabby, Alejandra, Tom, and the others show the world. While enjoying the Olympics, maybe some will encourage young athletes they know to work harder, because the sky truly is the limit. It's not all about making it to a professional team.

They just might make it to the Olympics.

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