Send Messages To Lil Shawn And Keith Murray


Coalition is looking

for people to write and send messages of greeting and support

to two rap artists who are currently locked down: Keith

Murray (serving a year and a half in Connecticut) and

L'il Shawn (sentenced to 70

months Fed time in Virginia). It does not matter if you know them

personally or not. Please e-mail your notes and words of support


and in the subject area specify which artist it is for (unless

it's for both at once, in which case just put both of their names).

It will raise both of their morales and show support to two incredibly

nice people who are in bad situations. Both artists feel very

forgotten since they are out of circulation. Anyone wishing to

send books or magazines to either should address them to: Wendy

Day/Rap Coalition 67 Vestry Street, #2D New York, NY 10013 c/o

Keith or Shawn Also, anyone

wishing to contribute to the fund to put dollars into each of

their commissary accounts should call Wendy

Day directly at 212.625.3422