Seven Heads Launches Recording Studio

Seven Heads, an artist management and recording

company, is expanding their services to include a full service recording studio.

The company, which has worked with such critically

acclaimed artists as J-live, Asheru, Djinji Brown and others, has used the studio

for their recording artists for years and decided to open it up to the public.

"For the past year we have had the studio

in house and it has helped us and our teams develop some great records,"

Seven Heads Founder Wes Jackson said. " In 2004 we felt the time was right

to open it up the public. At first we will extend the invitation to artists

we have worked with in the past and to clients from our sister company Room

Service. Eventually we hope to roll it out to the entire public and maybe some

of the magic in there can help the multitude of quality artists in the game."

The studio is located in downtown Brooklyn, New

York and is managed by an artist on one of Seven Heads' record labels.

In these trying economic times there needs to

be a reasonably priced place where you can lay down your

ideas," Jackson added.