"Severely Neglected" White Tiger Could Get NBA Youngboy In Trouble

Authorities have some questions for NBA Youngboy over a rare, neglected tiger.

(AllHipHop News) Authorities in Louisiana are looking to talk to rapper NBA Youngboy, over a seized white tiger.

The 5-month-old Bengal tiger cub was apparently orphaned and rescued from a nonauthorized location in the city and was suffering from severe neglect.

Although officials remained tight-lipped due to the ongoing investigation, they are looking into whether NBA Youngboy was the original owner of the white tiger cub.

The rapper posted a video on Instagram and October, with a strikingly similar white tiger.

Also, specialists said the tiger is white due to a genetic mutation, which occurs in only 1 out of every 10,000 Bengal tigers.

lf NBA Youngboy owned the tiger and ditched it, he could be facing severe legal consequences.

In October, another rapper learned of the serious consequences possessing a Bengal tiger can have.

Tyga was also accused of having a smuggled Bengal tiger.