Sexual Misconduct Allegations Cost Ameer Vann His Spot In BROCKHAMPTON

AllHipHop Staff

BROCKHAMPTON kicks out Ameer Vann due to accusations of sexual misconduct.

By Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Rap group BROCKHAMPTON has taken action against a group member who has been accused of assaulting multiple victims.

Earlier this month, Ameer Vann of the hip-hop collective was accused of sexual manipulation and abuse, after multiple women came forth via Twitter about personal experiences with the rapper.

Singer-songwriter Rhett Rowan, who was previously involved with Ameer romantically, claimed he was “emotionally manipulative and mentally abusive.”

She later accused him of abusing women and having sexual relations with a minor.

This weekend, BROCKHAMPTON announced that they have kicked Vann out of the group.

This comes just as BROCKHAMPTON revealed they will be delaying their album PUPPY, which was slated to be released end of June and canceling their tour to "regroup."