Shabaam Sahdeeq Leaving Rawkus?


Sahdeeq, who was one of the first Hip-Hop acts to

sign with Rawkus Records, and was signed before Mos Def, Talib

Kweli and Pharoah Monch, is now making an attempt to leave the

label. Shabaam has had his album, Scandalous completed for over

a year, but Rawkus has pushed the release of the album back

indefinitely. The album features Kool G. Rap, The Cocoa Brovas

and Xzibit. He also filmed a video for his first single, 3-D

that never saw any shine.

As of last week,

Rawkus Records representatives hadn't seen Shabaam in over a

month. Also, Shabaam is no longer prominently displayed on the

official Rawkus Records website, where he was once featured.

Shabaam is trying to have his contract bought out so he can

sign with Soundquest/Universal.