Shady Promoters Scam University Out Of Nicki Minaj Concert

(AllHipHop News) A college in Montclair, New Jersey is the latest victim of a scam involving an artist on Lil Wayne's Young Money record label, after criminals made off with $30,000 in deposits for Nicki Minaj. According to reports, Montclair State University paid over $35,000 to a promoter, who has since disappeared with the funds, according to reps for Montclair State. "What is this i'm hearing about a MSU [Montclair State University] concert? where and when is this concert supposed to be? i feel so bad 4 ppl who were scammed," Nicki Minaj tweeted. Unsuspecting students were also duped into paying $40 per-ticket for the bogus show. "I'm not doing any shows between now and the 22nd of October," Nicki Minaj tweeted. "When shows r confirmed i'll let u guys know. I'm sorry…Wen i find out the person responsible for this MSU scam i'm putting their name on twitter. scamming college kids? go to hell!"Nicki Minaj's next official show takes place on October 30th, in Trinidad.Several lawsuits have sprouted up against a variety of shady promoters, who claimed to be able to book Young Money artist Drake, but kept the deposits instead.