Shania Twain Planning To Go Hip-Hop With Post Malone And Lizzo

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Shania Twain was so impressed by the rappers at the AMA's that she is hoping to launch a hip-hop career.

(AllHipHop News) Shania Twain is so inspired by music's current crop of talent, she has written new songs she hopes to record with stars like Post Malone and Lizzo.

The "Still The One" singer, who closed Sunday night's American Music Awards with a hits medley, admits she was blown away by the talent on stage and now she wants to work with a handful of the winners and nominees.

First up, will be Post Malone, who Shania championed before anyone knew who he was, meeting up with the tattooed rapper backstage at one of his early shows and offering up encouragement.

"I've written a song for us already," she told The Talk. "He doesn’t know it yet. He knows now. So Post, I have a song for us."

Shania is also planning a collaboration with huge fan Lizzo after meeting up with her and Janelle Monae over the summer.

"There's a really cool friendship starting between us...," she adds. "We got up onstage... I kinda, like, hold them up there, being kinda mama bear. I've actually wrote a song for the three of us (sic). It's called Sisters... They don't know about it yet."

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Saucee100: "Shania do you have any hiphop in you?" Shania: "Not really" Saucee100: "Want some?"


I don't count Lizzo or Post Malone as hip hop personally.



she better go tf back to country