Shape Up: Fitness Pop Quiz! How Do You Measure Up?

Hey what’s good everybody? 

Break out those Number 2 pencils, because it’s time for a fitness pop


Although I’ve included a few topics that we haven’t

discussed yet, many of the answers can be found in past editions of this


With that said, let’s test out your Fitness IQ with a round

of 20 questions. Good luck!

1. Which of the

following would someone who is 38 have a MAXIMUM heart rate of?

A) 225

beats per minute

B) 128

beats per minute

C) 119

beats per minute

D) 182

beats per minute

2. The following is a

sample label from the back of a can of soup. 

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 1 cup (245g)

Servings per Container – 2.5

Calories: 120

Total Fat: 8g

Sodium: 960mg

Total Carbohydrate: 26g

Protein: 12g

If you ate the entire can, how many grams of fat would you

have consumed?

A) 8


B) 16


C) 20


D) 8000


3. Which of the

following is not a source of protein?

A) Beans

B) Eggs

C) Fish

D) All

of the above are sources of protein

4. Vitamins are

primarily classified by the way that they are dissolved into the human body(otherwise known as solubility). Those

two ways are which of the following?

A) With

water (water soluble) and with fat (fat soluble)

B) With

water (water soluble) and with protein (protein soluble)

C) With

protein (protein soluble) and with carbohydrates (carb soluble)

D) With

Grey Goose (vodka soluble) and cranberry juice (tipsy soluble)

5. Which of the

following contains the most fiber?

A) 4

tablespoons of raisins

B) 1

cup of cooked spinach

C) 1

cup of cooked corn

D) 2

slices of white bread

6. What is the

primary muscle group trained during a bench press?



B) Quadriceps





7. True or False: Fat weighs more than muscle





8. Alcohol has how

many calories per gram?

A) 7

B) 3

C) 29

D) 5

9. Tofu is a form

of whey or soy protein?

A) Whey

B) Soy

10. Approximately

what percent of human body weight is composed of water?

A) 9

B) 28

C) 77

D) 60

11. The nontumorous

enlargement of a muscle due to growth is also known as which of the following?

A) Atrophy

B) Anemia

C) Hypertrophy

D) Dialysis

12. Which of the

following would not be classified as a high blood pressure (hypertension)


A) 140/90

mm Hg

B) 145/100

mm Hg

C) 118/55

mm Hg

D) All

of the above would be classified as hypertension

13. True or False: Your biceps muscle accounts for

two-thirds the total size of your arm.





14. Which of the

following is commonly referred to as the “building block of muscle

A) Protein

B) Carbohydrates

C) Water

D) Doritos

15. Which of the

following is not a cardio activity?

A) Swimming

B) Running

C) Basketball

D) All

of the above are cardio activities

16. What is the

caloric value of 60 milligrams of Vitamin C?

A) 60


B) 120


C) 0


D) 30


17. Where is your

trapezius muscle located?


Between your wrist and your elbow


From your neck across your shoulders and down your back


At the base of your leg between your knee and ankle


Surrounding your heart between your lung and sternum

18. True or

False: Eating less will help to speed up

your metabolism.





19. If you ran a

mile, how many feet would you have run?

A) 1760


B) 3808


C) 5280


D) 2460


20. If you

consistently consume more calories than you burn off each day, how will your

weight be affected?

A) You

will gain weight

B) You

will lose weight

C) Your

weight will stay the same

Okay, pencils down! That’s

the end of the test. Let’s check the scorecards!

The Answers:

1. D - 182 beats per


2. C - 20 grams

3. D - All of the

above are sources of protein

4. A - With water

(water soluble) and with fat (fat soluble)

5. B - 1 cup of

cooked spinach

6. C - Pectorals

7. B - False

8. A - 7

9. B - Soy

10. D - 60

11. C - Hypertrophy

12. C – 118/55 mm Hg

13. B - False

14. A - Protein

15. D – All of the

above are cardio activities

16. C – 0 Calories

17. B – From your

neck across your shoulders and down your back

18. B - False

19. C - 5280

20. A – You will gain


The Verdict:

0-5 right = BOOTLEG

6-10 right = GOLD

11-16 right =


17-20 right = DIAMOND

So how did you do? 

Hopefully there weren’t too many Bootleggers out there. Scoring less

than five on this quiz would be like K-fed trying to rap. Not a good


But don’t worry; you can always study up so that you’ll do

better next time around. Try rereading past editions of Shape Up and by

visiting Many of the newer topics will also be discussed in

greater detail during upcoming editions of Shape Up!

Until next time be good…or be good at it.


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Darrell W. Butler is a

certified personal trainer and strength coach with the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He is the founder of Industrial Strength & Performance (I.S.P Fitness) and has trained at facilities throughout the nation. You can

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