Shaq Gets In Rap Battle With Skillz

The Los Angeles Lakers are embroiled in a highly

competitive Championship Series against the Detroit Pistons, but that hasn’t

stopped Shaq from engaging in a battle far more personal.

The basketball juggernaut has turned his lyrical

aggression to rapper Skillz even though he’s looking for yet another championship

ring. Shaq went at the Virginia-bred rapper like he was

a loose ball under the rim on a recent Sickamore mixtape titled "Drop Another Day. The exclusive track was produced by beat maestro JiCe of Sizzle Records for Shaq's lyrical pleasure. "


dont care how “mad” your “skillz” is you cant serve me/

You don’t like these, take off my throwback jersey/ Lil’ ni**as better

stay in their place/ hold you hostage in the toilet and s**t on your face…Matter

of fact I don’t know what you look like/ you be spittin metaphors like

you a geek Canibus studio book type/ I ain’t into f**kin’ beefs and

battles/ I’m into smackin’ n***as back into playing with rattles…/Don’t

respond, don’t reply, layoff/ Give this autograph to your mom and watch

me in the playoffs.”

A confused Skillz said people around him began

to inform him of the dis, but he was unable to determine why the 7’ 1”

hooper would want to battle.

"I tried to give him the benefit of the

doubt, like I kept telling myself he can't be talking about me,” Skillz

told “Then [the speculation] turned into, ‘If it ain’t

you then who's he talking about?’ And it wasn't any candidates left. I

wouldn't really pay attention to it if other people didn't, you know?”

Furthermore, Skillz said that this rap battle

was much different than playing the Pistons on the basketball court and therefore

in his favor.

“It’s a lyrical mismatch; him going

at me is like me coming down the [basketball] lane at him. It’s actually

kind of funny,” Skillz exclaimed. “But the streets ain’t gonna

stop talking about until I answer. Plus I talk too much s**t to not answer back,”

he said.

Because of Skillz admission, engaged

in its own investigation.

Shaq, who has dropped several platinum albums,

might be coming to the defense of teammate and former rapper Kobe Bryant, who

is currently accused of rape.

In his “2003 Rap Up” freestyle, Skillz

rhymed, “The dummy move of the year that would be Kobe Bryant/ y’all

think she lyin' that’s the second time Kobe been on TV cryin’ I’m

like, ‘Damn Kobe in high school you was the man Kobe/ What the hell happened

to you?”

Also, Skillz once rapped with a crew called

the Supafriends from Virginia and Shaq considers himself to be basketball’s

Superman. He even dropped an album called Shaquille O'Neal Presents His Superfriends

in 2001.


here to offer theories.]

Next week, Skillz said he would have an answer

record for Shaq.


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