Shawnna Battles Swine Flu and The Sexes

AllHipHop Staff

Shawnna has been revered for her aggressive style, but she’s accepted a new battle: steering clear of the swine flu (also known as H1N1 virus).

The rapper hasn’t contracted the virus, but she said it’s forced her to make several changes, both personally and professionally.

A recent tour date was cancelled because of the swine flu, she explained.

“We had a show in Rhode Island and it got cancelled. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) shut down the airport, because of outbreaks of the swine flu so its very serious,” she told

She also said that she’s taking special precautions to prevent becoming infected with the virus.

“I ain’t walking around with a mask on…yet,” she said. “I keep those alcohol wipes, the ones from the medical supply store. You don’t know where the contact is going to come in. It can be anywhere. If somebody is coughing and not looking too good, I keep my distance.”

According to experts, good hygiene is an excellent strategy for prevention of the swine flu.

This entails washing hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Also, if an individual is experiencing flu-like symptom, stay away from others and seek immediate help from a doctor. (For more information, go to

Aside from possible pandemics, Shawnna will duel with Ludacris on a duet album called Battle of the Sexes.

“This is a project that me and Luda been talking about since I signed. We’re about 80% done with the project. We’re trying to be a little different with the project. We researched the game – what’s been missing. We always thought Foxy [Brown] and Jay-Z would come out with an album after ‘Ain’t No N***a.’ Why wait for somebody else to do it?”

Ludacris concurred, telling, “We’re giving that male vs. female perspective not yet done on one Hip-Hop album.”

Shawnna said that people have always praised her chemistry with Luda so they formalized it in the new album.

The Battle of the Sexes album features Ne-Yo, Monica, Gucci Mane and Dru Hill, among others to be announced.

The collaboration is expected to drop in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Shawnna and Ludacris talk Battle of the SexesLuda and Shawnna Talk Battle of the Sexes from DTP TV on Vimeo.