Shawty Lo Denies Chain Snatching Rumors

Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo is shooting down internet rumors of his involvement in an altercation at a club in his hometown over the weekend, in an exclusive statement issued to

Rumors appeared online on Wednesday (July 17) that Shawty Lo, born Carlos Walker, was assaulted at Club Crucial, a venue in Bankhead co-owned by rival T.I.

According to rumors, Shawty Lo’s chain was stolen and the attack occurred to the soundtrack of T.I.’s “What Up,” a recently released track which appears to take aim at Shawty Lo.

“A couple of dudes from my Bowen Homes hood got into it with some other dudes from Bowen Homes,” Shawty Lo explained to “It really wasn’t nothing, just some Bowen Homes sh*t. It wasn’t an altercation with me at all. I didn’t get touched, period. And this had nothing to do with TI.”

The D4L founder, who is currently on vacation in Florida with his family, went on to say that he would address the situation in more detail with a new YouTube video, set to be posted today (July 18).

The on-going war of words between Shawty Lo and T.I. has been a constant topic of conversation and speculation for the last few months, with Shawty o appearing to be the aggressor.

In his efforts to discredit T.I.’s on-wax persona, the D4L Records CEO has created a series of YouTube videos investigating the self-proclaimed King of the South’s origins.

Last month, during an on air interview with Power 106 in Los Angeles, Shawty Lo explained the origins of the conflict, which seemed to many to come out of nowhere.

As the rapper told it, he approached T.I. in 2006 with a request to appear on the song “Let’s Get It.” The collaboration was on track until T.I. took objection to a street single released by Shawty Lo entitle “King.”

T.I.’s response, according to Shawty Lo, was a line on the single “Big Things Poppin’,” in which the Grand Hustle CEO spits: I said I was King and the lames started laughin’ and/Same sucka now want the King on a track with him, thereby initiating the ongoing war of words.

While rumored “diss tracks” continue to make the rounds, both rappers maintain that they are not interested in escalating their conflict beyond the music.

The two have shared the stage on many occasions this summer, including at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta in June, where the artists continued to take verbal jabs at each other, without further incident.