Sheriff Demands Trial Over Claims R. Kelly Ruined His Life & Gave Him Chlamydia

R. Kelly's sex life continues to spiral out of control.

(AllHipHop News) R. Kelly's messy, weird sex life keeps the singer in some legal trouble.

As if facing 21 felonies for sexually abusing underage teens is not enough, R. Kelly is fighting a lawsuit over claims he broke up a cop's marriage.

According to reports, R. Kelly is going to have to go to trial and face a sheriff in Mississippi named Kenny Bryant.

Bryant decided to sue R Kelly, over claims he had an affair with Asia Childress, who used to date the singer. Sheriff Bryant claims are Kelly carried on the affair with his wife for over 5 years.

He even claims he contracted chlamydia from his wife, when he claims was infected by R. Kelly.

The extramarital affair not only torpedo the sheriff's wedding, but he also claims it ruined his entire life. Sheriff Bryant claims his wife tricked him into moving to Georgia so she could really be closer to R Kelly.

The move proved to be disastrous for him when he could not find a job and was ruined financially.

Sheriff Bryant is demanding a trial by jury, while the embattled singer is trying to have the whole case thrown out of court.

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Well at least he didn't get it directly from Kelly. :/