Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wants Credit For DMX's Sobriety

(AllHipHop News) DMX and infamous Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio have somewhat made amends with each other, after years of tension surrounding the rap star's frequent arrests in the state. Sheriff Joe, who bills himself as "The Toughest Sheriff in America," arrested DMX five times during his residency in the state for a variety of charges ranging from simple speeding, to animal cruelty and identity theft. According to DMX, who vowed to never return to Arizona after he was released from jail in May, he's done with trouble in the state in which he currently resides. "What up Joe. Double r throw it up... He's here I'm here I'm not going anywhere. I will be around a lot longer than him," DMX told Arizona's Fox 10 News shortly before a show last night in Scottsdale. "I wish him the best good health long life. Leave me alone."According to Sheriff Joe, he was a bit surprised to learn that DMX will continue to reside in Arizona, especially after the rapper's proclamation that he would never return to the state. "If I'm on a plane and they're going to fly over it, I'm going to tell them to go around," DMX vowed. Sheriff Joe, who is the subject of multiple lawsuits over his treatment of prisoners in the "Tent City" jails promised to leave DMX alone, so long as the rapper doesn't break the law."I'm not going to follow him around. If he does something wrong," Sheriff Joe promised. "We'll arrest him… I will be happy if he does a good job in his profession and if he stays clean. I want to take credit -- he did go through our drug prevention program."