Shock Jock Star Stirs Controversy With Remarks About Indians

The Evil Star is up

to his old antics again. Hip-hip shock jock Star, of the duo Star and Buc Wild,

is drawing criticism from Philadelphia media outlets and Asian-American Associations

for disparaging remarks he made about Indians during a prank phone played on Power

99 (WUSL) last month.

The skit, which was featured on the radio station’s Web

site and later pulled, featured Star posing as a white man inquiring about buying

“quick beads” so his daughter’s hair could look like tennis

stars Venus and Serena Williams.

After discovering the company he contacted had outsourced their calls to India,

the on-air personality grew unruly and began to berate the customer-service


“This call

has been outsourced to India?” asked Star who then added, “Well,

ma’am, what the f*** would you know about an American white girl’s

hair? And quick beads?”

While attempting

to regain control of the conversation the Indian woman was insulted again by

the jock who called her a “b****” and a “rat eater”

before threatening to choke her.

In an interview

with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Power 99 Community-Affairs Director Loraine

Ballard Morrill said, “It was made clear this is not acceptable, and it

won't happen again."

However, Morrill

then went on to state the larger mistake might have been posting the audio to

the station’s Web site.

“That probably

made it a much more - just a worse situation,” she said. “Then people

could click on it and hear it. That was not cool.”

This isn’t

the first time that Star has run into trouble for making outlandish comments.

In the past while employed at Hot 97 in New York, he ridiculed songstress Aaliyah’s

death by mimicking a woman screaming while playing plane-crash sound affects.

The jock was suspended

shortly afterward for his actions.

Currently, Star

and Buc Wild are in syndication in Philadelphia and Connecticut.

The duo are expected

to return to the NYC market later this month on Power 105, Hot 97’s rival

station. Their first show is slated for January 17.