Shoreline Mafia, Fans Mourn The Murder Of Mac P Dawg

Kershaw St. Jawnson

LAPD is slow to confirm death of the Los Angeles rapper, but friends and fans still send tributes.

(AllHipHop News) After hours of waiting, uncertainty remains.

Fans from all over are awaiting official confirmation on whether or not Los Angeles rapper Mac P Dawg was murdered.

News of his death arrived with sadness when friends started paying tribute on their social media platforms for the fallen soldier.

No Jumper founder, Adam Grandmaison was one of the first to speak on the “death” of his artist on Twitter.

@adam22 stated that “Shoreline Mafia associate Mac P Dawg was gunned down in LA tonight. Rest In Peace.”

Group member Ohgeesy hit the ‘Gram to give his remarks with a caption the read, “LUV U FOREVER, JOSHYWORLD”

While his words were short, the image was powerful and gushed with a true glimpse into their brotherhood.

As Mac lights a smoke, fire cupped in his hand, it is almost as he was serving as a foundation to Ohgeesy, either carrying him on his back like a real brother is supposed to do —with Ohgeesy simultaneously sharing that he will always have his guy’s back.

It is all very heartbreaking as he was so young - just 24 - and full of promise at the very beginning of his journey — remarkably as tragic as the recent loss of Pop Smoke just a few years his junior.

Former Shoreline Mafia member Fenix Flexin posted an image on IG saying: 💔 speechless bro love u always, macpforever 🕊

And even followed up with a heart-felt Insta-story. There he wrote over an image of his bro in some Jordans, a white Tee-shirt and adorning outspread angel wings, “Ima make u mo then proud I know you right here w me I can feel yo energy even tho u gon yo energy gon live thru me 4 ever.”

There has been no word from the Los Angeles Police Department surrounding the alleged shooting that is rumored to have taken his life.

Read's exclusive Q&A with Mac P Dawg from June of 2019. 

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I’m not a fan of shoreline mafia to be honest all they promote in their music is drugs and lean

CandyPoo Rudy's Azz
CandyPoo Rudy's Azz

shouldve stayed yo ass home if you cant swim wit da sharkz

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Carlie M. Dumas

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