Should I Retire??


you heard Skillz

(Mad Skillz) was dropped from Rawkus Records, you were

the victim of a prank from Skillz himself. He played

the prank via his website,,

so his label could see firsthand his popularity. "They

gotta realize what they got," he told

"The internet is some powerful shit."

The untitled

album boasts appearances from major VA artists like

The Neptunes, Timbaland and Missy, all of whom were

secured by Skillz himself he said. Also, associates

like Musiq Soulchild, Philly's Pretty Ugly, Hi-Tek,

Jazzy Jeff, The Supafriends and VA producers Notz and

Big Dog, lent a hand to Skillz.

Prior to the joke, he

said that certain fans were saying disparaging comments

about him through the site's message boards. "People

were breaking fool about how I used to be a dope emcee,

but (who was) now reduced to being Missy's hypeman,"

After the prank was in full swing, however, he says

the messages changed saying, "Oh my God, What are

we going to do?" Skillz says that he was pleased

with all of the concerned feedback he received from

the fans and industry friends alike. Hopefully, he said,

the concern with translate into sales for his album

set for release later this year on Rawkus Records. "I

got so much in the chamber," he said, "I will

be the hottest nigga on Rawkus."

"It's time to play

ball," he said.