Shower Posse Leader Christopher "Dudus" Coke Gets 23 Years In Prison

(AllHipHop News) Jamaican drug Lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke was sentenced to 23 years in federal prison yesterday (June. 8).

Dudus was the infamous leader of The Shower Posse, a Jamaican gang well-known within the urban community.

The Shower Posse was the subject of several specials, including an episode of BET's "American Gangster."

Dudus pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering and one count of conspiracy to commit assault with a dangerous weapon, in aid of racketeering.

Federal prosecutors said that Dudus presided over an international drug and weapons trafficking organization, that used a "small army of soldiers" who controlled used violence and intimidation on the streets, for nearly two decades.

"With his conviction, he is no longer able to traffic drugs in the U.S., move guns across our border, or terrorize people, and with today’s sentence, he will now spend a very long time in prison for his crimes,” said Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Christopher "Dudus" Coke controlled "The Shower Posse" as well as "The Presidential Click," which was responsible for over 1,400 murders in the United States alone.

In June 2010, over 100 people were killed when authorities attempted to raid Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica to arrest Dudus, in the area he controlled with armed gang members.

After a month-long manhunt, Dudus was finally apprehended in Kingston, disguised as a woman, in a wig and glasses.

Before his death, Shower Posse Vivian Blake called upon Hip-Hop mogul Irv Gotti and director Curtis Scoon, to produce a biopic on the violent gang.

"“I spoke with Irv Gotti, [and director] Curtis Scoon. Irv Gotti is a young man where I think he’ll bring the best out in this movie, show the rawness of this movie,"” Blake told exclusively in August of 2009. “"This movie’s not just about gangsta and drug dealing, it’s about a culture that nobody has ever seen."