Shyne Replies To 50 Cent Prank Call: 'He's A Creep'

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Shyne has reacted to a prank pulled by 50 Cent, when the G-Unit frontman interrupted a media call and berated his rival. 50 Cent recently called into a Def Jam conference call between Shyne and various media outlets. During the 3 minute clip, 50 Cent interrupts Shyne's conference call multiple times and impersonates a DJ asking questions of Shyne, before launching into a Mel Gibson-like tirade, continuously ordering the rapper to "shut up."During an interview with, Shyne addressed the viral video clip, which is making headlines across the world. "Like that's like an all-time low," Shyne said. "I didn't know son was that desperate. he's gone from confidential informant, a witness protection program dude, to getting order of protections on motherf**kers, now he's a stalker. I was in shock."Shyne expressed shock at 50 Cent's antics and said he didn't think the G-Unit rapper would sink that low, especially since 50 was trying to make "peace" surrounding their beef. "He's been reaching out to one of my generals in the street begging for peace…so he caught his voice too, so it was after the fact," Shyne said. "I thought it was somebody having a bad day that wanted to know about the situation. It wasn't until after everything was finished, that motherf**kers at Def Jam was like 'yo that was Boo Boo, that was Hawaii 5-0.' Then he puts it out like he was calling and talking reckless. He's a creep."MTV Shows