Shyne's Lawsuit Put On Hold; Judge Steps Down

Rapper Jamaal "Shyne" Barrow's lawsuit has been put on hiatus after the judge presiding over his case stepped down due to a conflict of interest.

Judge Howard Ruditzky decided to remove himself from the case Monday (March 20) because his brother-in-law has dealings with an attorney on Shyne's defense team from the law firm of Dershowitz and Dershowitz.

Shyne, who recently changed his name to Moses Michael Leviy, is battling the "Son of Sam law" that prevents convicts from making money off anything related to the crime they've committed.

Leviy's attorney, Oscar Michelen, claims that the money in question is not related to the December 1999 shootout for which Shyne was convicted.

It can take up to 30-days for the rapper's case to be reassigned to another judge.