Shyne's Lawyers Dispute Evidence


the M.C. that sounds like a reincarnation of Biggie Smalls, is

fighting for his freedom. The young artist's defense is fighting

to get key pieces of evidence against him thrown out of court.

Shyne was charged with attempted murder in the night club shootout

on Dec. 27th, 1999, where three people were wounded in a Times

Square nightclub. Barrow was apprehended outside of the club,

and his boss Puff Diddy was also charged with 2 counts of felony

gun possession and trying to bribe a witness, with a diamond ring

that Jennifer Lopez gave to him. They have all pleaded not guilty

to the charges.

The issues in getting

key pieces of evidence dismissed from the case stem from police

misconduct. Murray Richman, who is Shyne's lawyer, produced evidence

that another Lawyer, Ian Niles called police and the D.A. around

2:00pm. He said that he called three times, and requested that

nothing be done with his client, until he arrived. Sometime after

2:40pm, the police put Shyne in a lineup, where two witnesses

identified him as the man who shot three people in the club. Richman

claims that police ignored his calls, and therefore the lineup

identification is inadmissible because it violated Shyne's right

to legal counsel. Another point his lawyers worked to get dismissed

was the gun issue. He showed pictures of the car combs was driving,

a Lincoln Navigator.

Officer William Myer

testified that they vehicle was black, when in reality it was

silver. The defense also produced pictures of the area where the

guns were found, filled with debris and trash. The attorney was

trying to show that the gun couldn't be seen by an officer standing

outside of the empty car, and that the search that produced the

guns was illegal.