Shyne's Lyrics Are Put On Trial

Shyne's were put on the stand

during a pretrial hearing in court Wednesday (Jan. 10th). Arguments

from both sides did not persuade Judge Charles Solomon from ruling

on the matter. The judge asked both sides for written arguments

before he made a ruling. The prosecution wants to use Shyne's

lyrics against him in cross examination.

Shyne's lawyers are

arguing that using his lyrics in court would violate the First

Amendment. Shyne is on trial for attempted murder charges, which

stem from the notorious nightclub shooting at Club New York in

Manhattan, in which three people were injured.

Shyne attempted unsuccessfully

to fire his team of lawyers for conflict of interest. One of the

lawyers represented Gavin "Pretty Boy" Marchand, who

is a friend of Shyne, and who is expected to testify for the prosecution.