Shyne's Open Letter To Def Jam

Def Jam is dying.... Thanks L.A. Reid! Middle fingers to you too!!!Antonio L.A. Reid, quite frankly, doesn't give a curse word about Hip-Hop!!! He

doesn't get it. He fails to comprehend the holy institution that is Def Jam. How a Jewish guy named Rick & an African [American] guy from Hollis queens

by the name of Russell [set] the foundation for a billion dollar

industry from an NYU dorm is beyond offends chairman Reid that

these hoodlums & criminals call themselves musicians...whatever

happened to the days of Shalimar and "Tender Lover"... F**king rappers!!!

Mr. Reid doesn't understand that Nas & Ghostface Killer are modern

day prophets...The Roots are Mozart, Shyne is Moses & Kanye is Van Gogh...How else do you make the colossal mistake of not keeping

arguably the most influential rapper/rocker (Hovito) around.