Shyne Wants His Phone Rights Back

Incarcerated rapper Shyne has rallied against Clinton State Correctional Facility officials after the prison repealed the rapper’s phone privileges when they alleged he violated several rules last month.

In mid-August, authorities were investigating Shyne’s calls for infractions, and claim he violated a number of guidelines including conducting business over the phone.

“I categorically deny any intentional wrongdoing," Shyne wrote in a letter to MTV. "The extreme measures taken by the department of incorrection to suspend my phone privileges and deny the media accesses are draconian at best. Such extreme steps are taken only with the most dangerous or disruptive inmates; I qualify as neither."

Should he be found guilty as charged, victims from a 1999 shooting case can sue him for proceeds of Godfather Buried Alive, his latest CD.

If he’s found guilty of the phone-use charges, his victim in the aforementioned shooting case could sue him for proceeds from Godfather Buried Alive

"This is about me inadvertently failing to comply with [their] Taliban phone rules, which amount to blackmail and extortion," he concluded in the letter.