SICK SUNDAY: Q-Tip Gettin' Up, Nas Get's On, R.I.P Pac, Kanye is Crazy!

Apologies for the two week layoff, but Barack Obama and the return of the Ill Community took time away but back to work.Peedi Crack (sorry that Peedi Peedi name is trash) dropped an bomb over an old school beat. I don't know if this is gonna get any traction but i think it's a cool merging of old and new

For those that didn't know, AllHipHop has been releasing fire mixtapes over the past year. Volume's I and II of the Ill Community Mixtape have been critical successes, and we had arguably the best American Gangster remix album last year.

Now comes AllHipHop: Go Hard to top off AllHipHop Week and the return of the Ill Community. Here's a couple joints. First up, a couple stars from AllHipHop Canada Week collab as Bishop Brigante and JD Era get with Wayne's favorite inspiration Drake on "Shorty Grindin'"

I don't know what you thought, but Canada is coming fully loaded.

Next up, your man Meek Millz (Hold your head) and the remix to "In My Bag"

Q-Tip-Gettin' Up

This new Q-Tip joint is off his new album. Man this gives you the feeling of ATCQ at it's best but without sounding dated. I love this joint right here. Been listening all weekend. You know what to do. Kill it or Chill it. I give it the thumbs up.

DJ Khaled Feat. Nas-I'm On

We don't usually get to hear Nas spazz out on some whatever s**t much anymore, but he just demolished this joint. Good to hear him go faster on the flow tip and not have to worry baout a message or some higher meaning. He's one of, if not the best to ever do it.

Now to make it way more gully, shout out to Kardinal Offishal for finally dropping and putting the hammer down on this joint with the Clipse that pretty much destroys anything on that Re-up album. If you not up on him then you lost. Shout to Akon.

Now On -The Willows

These guys kinda sound mid 90s but they do sound good. A little smoothed out and retro. I like it. Probably wouldn't BUMP it but it's cool for an mp3 player joint


Throw Back Session

Before all that Makavelli stuff and the Death Row posturing, 'Pac was really getting it in. On this 12th anniversary of his passing, gotta shout out a couple of his best joints to me.

Str8 Ballin'

No chorus, not for show, I don't even know if this was a single but he did his thing. This was off the THUG Life album. As a whole it was crap out side of this and stay true

So Many Tears

I think whenever people talk about Pac and how good he was, they must be referring to songs like this where he emits emotional tumult and really brings you into his world. The harmonica from Stevie's "That Girl" helps guide the tone.


WTF Song of the Week

Love Lockdown

Kanye really did it this time. Just when you thought it couldn't go further left....

IMO this is garbage. At least Snoop's "Sexual Eruption" didn't take itself seriously. You can tell that 'Ye is dead ass serious..and this will unfortunately be a hit and the same people crying about how dead Hip-Hop is and how wack the new rappers are, will be apologists for this and say that he's just being different. Roger Troutman is dead. Peter Frampton retired. They should bury the vocoder before anyone else gets the dumb idea that that's a great thing to use. So soft 'Ye had to smack up a photographer to get his swagger back.

I gotta get some good Kanye music to clean this up

That's it for this week my dudes. Welcome back IC members. Tell the boys(and girls) it's time to come home. Peace. Gonna leave you with a lil bit of wonder.