SICK SUNDAY: Travis Barker, Rauce the Bauce, Solange & More

What's up my dudes and welcome to another edition of the Sickest Sundays you heard thus far. Been a long week. For all those who missed it, AllHipHop's Social Lounge was very productive. Low on drama, and high on execution. Shout out to Mayor Corey Booker, all the panelists and the audience. Special shout to the George Bush fan. You started out so credible then it all went down hill. Ah well, win some lose some.First up to bat, Travis Barker and DJ AM. To keep you up to speed they both survived Friday's accident with burns but no breaks and are presently in critical but stable condition. Our prayers go out to them, and the families of the deceased passengers and flight crew. To honor Barker's relationship with Hip-Hop, here's a lil' taste of the Fix Your Face mixtape. Flavor.

FIX YOUR FACENow that we've saluted, it's time to take it to the gutter. This next joint comes straight from your man Bigaveli Max B going in on former homey Jim Jones. Lot of innuendo going on in this record. I'll leave it to you to decide whether its fire or not. I've heard better disses but I've certainly heard worse. Let's keep this on wax gentlemen.

max xclu - Max BNext up we got underrated producer The Alchemist with heavyweights Snoop Dogg, Jay to the mwah, and my man Pusha T going in on a minimally constructed sinister rythm. I like it but there could have been more energy in this one.

Lose Your Life - The Alchemist feat. Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg and Pusha TNow in the flavor of gullyness we have a throwback a couple years to one of the hardest singles of all time. Nas was fresh off bodying Hov and was sitting firm with the title and instead of going for the flash he went for the gutter. It gets no more Hip-Hop than "Apache" and Nas took that genetic makeup and just took it to the mud. Fix your face

Made You Look - NasSolange- I Told You SoI don't usually ride with the underdog, but I'm riding with this one. If not for her big sister who shall remain nameless, I think people would give her a chance. She doesn't try to follow in the footsteps and I find that it goes left and is honest music. I bought the album. You should too. Thumbs up.

I Told You So - Solange KnowlesT.I. ft. BoB & Ludacris - Top Of The World

Ok back to the hood again. TI & Luda recently got back on good graces and dropped a joint. To me it was lackluster and I think they knew it cause now they back with a lil' B.O.B. on the side and it's pure fire. Compare this to the last joint and tell me it's not a big improvement. Shout to the homies from Yo! Magazine for this one.

Yo! Raps Magazine | AUDIO: T.I. ft. BoB & Ludacris - Top Of The World - T.I.


OT Rick Ross Freestyles.

On his grind for the remainder of '08, it seems that no controversy can stop his momentum. Some of these rhymes are weak. Some are legit. Your choice. Enjoy, see you next week.

Rick Ross Freestyles