SICK SUNDAYS:Dipset Goes Skiing, D-Block Rock, Throwback Joint

AllHipHop Staff

It's late, I know, but I'm still gonna get it in as promised with the sickest Sunday you ever had in your life. Hope you all warm and toasty, most of America is under snow and ice. We had a couple non fatal plane crashes so thank the gods or whatever you believe.This week we got a couple mini mixes, one featuring remixes by the Ski Team homies at Dubfrequency of The Dipset. Particularly dope is the remix of "Clock Work" by your man Mr AYE! Juelz. It's real flavor and I'm not normally a fan of his. The Ski Team manages to ad a bit of dramatic resonance to the chicken head anthem "What Mean The World To You" (Say AYOWW!). I don't know that it's better than the original, but it certainly changes the mood of it. What means the world to you? More blend remix projects that are as effective as this project."Welcome to New York" is not as grand as the original and I don't like it as much but it's made current to the present musical climate. At least there is no auto tuning.Peace goes out. For our second joint we get some wholesome D Block goodness. After over a decade in the game, label woes, triumphs and tragedies, the D-Block homies, after a false start (shout to J-Hood) have finally gotten around to putting some new work out there on the streets with Styles P around as Field Sergeant. I generally hate new rappers so I'm going to leave this one up to you guys to give it the Siskel or the Ebert and give them a fair Poll AnswersThrow Back JointThey never had huge album sales but they always had a banger. Here is one of my favorite joints from Nice and Smooth. "No Bones In Ice Cream." Don't know what the hell it meant but it was flavor. Bung! Jay ElectronicaSo far to me this guy has been hit or miss to me, but this one, in my opinion is quirky enough to work. I think he's Doom 2.0 with more mainstream appeal. Hopefully if you see him in concert, it's him and not an impostor.