SICK SUNDAYS: Freeway Shows Skillz,Rauce gets Pwn3d, & Lil Wayne Plus 'Pac = Ill

Welcome to another edition of Sick Sundays, back at our regularly scheduled day and time. Trying to bring you that unorthodox illness from the past the present and the future. Todays episode features the return of my man with the relentless rhyme flow, Freeway, riding with Skillz on video.

This song is similar in pace and construction to "What We Do" from the heyday of the Roc. Freeway does particularly well at these free flowing songs with no chorus. He and Skillz tagteam the mic. Not really a fan of Skillz' style but he more than does his thing on this. The beat doesn't really lend itself to normal punchline style so you gotta go hard on it. Check out his recent interview :

"I'm Ill" Lil Wayne Feat. Tupac

The "best rapper alive" gets down with the best rapper people still think is alive as Posthumous 'Pac and Weezy F get "Ill." Nice slow-screwed beat, perfectly blended with the vocals of Makavelli while Wayne does what he does. Not amazing but it's always good to hear a solid Pac verse, and Wayne doesn't do anthing to hurt his place as a leading emcees

"Ya'll Better Get Used To It" Ice Cube Feat. WC & Game

Throw up your "W's" the Wesside Connect is back again...with a noticable change. Gone is Mac 10, in comes The Game. Ice Cube rocks the LL "Going Back to Cali" flow (Last aped by the entire Terror Squad on "Take Me Home." ) WC comes with the usual hardcore flows. Few new wrinkles including a lil' singsongy delivery but a solid performance. The chorus incorporates the old Cool C shout from "Glamourous Life" (Shout to the Hill Top Hustlers, Philly Stand up!). Game comes with a bigger, stronger presence on this probably to match his two counterparts on the song. Not really his best but a cool change of pace. If this is how the West Coast is coming, "Ya'll Better Get Used To It." Yeah I did it...*hangs head.

"I Got Bass" Busta Rhymes (Produced by Bangladesh)

Who said the East Coast was dead? Busta Rhymes comes through with Bangla Bangla Bangladesh for this heater. Busta's last album was very good even though politically he may not be in everyone's good graces. The beat is pure sickness from the "A Milli" producer, who is obviously making the most of his newfound notoriety by pumping out bangers. The erratic piano keys segue into musical mania as the wacky beat provides the perfect backdrop for Busta's staccato off kilter flow. There ain't much bass in this, but it's pure fire.

"Crossover" EPMD Business Never Personal

Next up, a blast from the past. Erick and Parrish Mumbling Dialogue (Just kidding fellas, shout to the Hit Squad). One of many loved but not heeded anthems devoted to keeping it real and staying faithful to the underground, which back then didnt mean being wack to the point no one would listen to you. Beat bottom-heavy like Buffy the Body. Backpackers and 90s heads feel free to blackout and go ape s**t. Young dudes take notes. Short and sweet.

And now our weekly break for wildness. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails and Saul Williams get together for this joint "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," a rather morbid title and an even more strange video. Saul's nome de guerre here is "Niggy Tardust" and obvious homage to Bowie's Ziggy Stardust . The vid provides enough images for a part three of CNN meh-fest Black in America. Take what you want from it, either it soars or it bores you, I thought it was strange enough to get some light.

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Niggy Tardust! aka Saul Williams

"Never Seen You Hustlin'" K.A.S.H.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. We've all hear about our boy Rick Rauce the Bauce. As it's the hot issue of the moment there are the obligatory rappers lining up to kick a man while he's down. Kash Burrell is the author of this track "Never Seen You Hustlin," of course to the beat of Ross' First hit. Whether this episode is damaging to The Biggest Boss or not, this track probably will not be. Decide for yourselves whether it's passable or whether it's worth holding your morning toaster strudel. This guy is kinda proud of the wrong stuff.

Sick Sunday 7/28



We been running the Class of '88 coverage the entire year. We was the first, and the best at it. The biters know who they are and I'll leave it at that, but just for a trip through memory lane, here's Volume 1 of the class of 88 mixtape. No DJ mouthing off or yelling, straight music. Peep the class of '88 joints in the Review Section. Shout to the Almighty Rocksteady Crew on their 31st Anniversary.

AHH Class of 88 Vol. 1

I'm gonna leave you with a lil Black Panther flavor . Peace out