SICK SUNDAYS: R.I.P. MC BREED, Class of '98, Young Buck Returns & More


Once again it's on and popping. Welcome to another edition of Sick Sundays. Before we get it in I have to give a tremendous rest in peace salute to MC Breed. Before the Bone Thugs, And Twista and Kanye and Common, MC Breed represented the Midwest with aplomb, skill and dignity.Everybody remembers his duet with Pac before the Death Row days, "Gotta Get Mine." Even more people remember his first major jump off with "Ain't No Future In Your Frontin.'" Let it be known that Breed was the first Midwest dude to have credible sales and be commercially viable from the Midwest (Flint Michigan Stand Up), and let the world know that there was more to the game than New York and LA.Here's a few joints from Breed. May he rest in peace. MC Breed & The DFC Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'Supported by "More Bounce to the Ounce" this was Breed's entry into the major leagues. Has a bit of that G synthesizer as well. The OG showcased flow switches on the breaks and solid rhymes for that era. He also proclaimed he'd paint the Whitehouse black. At least he lasted till Obama got elected Slum Village Feat MC Breed & Big Herc "It's On"Just to let you know Breed wasn't a washed up relic, here he is getting it in with Slum Village putting it down for the D. This is one of their hardest joints ever and it's only right that Breed opens this up properly. He wasn't nice for his time, he was a credible MC period. MC Eiht & MC Breed "Caps Get Peeled"Gangsta s**t smoothed out with live instruments, a funky bass and the haunting strings. MC Eiht had a nice run of his own but Breed bats cleanup on this heater from the west side. As you can see his versatility was apparent. Jeah!George Clinton Feat. MC Breed & Erick Sermon-"If Anybody Gets Funked Up"President of the P Funk brings it with two of his sons as both E-Doubles (Who both sampled Clinton's work) hop on a track together. Yes a lil sappy but it's cool. Another side of the Breed MC Breed Feat Tupac-"Gotta Get Mine"You already know.Rest in peace big homie. Hip-Hop will remember you and the Midwest can never repay you. On with the showKEEMO's BIG CHANCE After he popped a lot of s**t in the comments of Friday night's Bump It or Blow It, I challenged AllHipHop user Keemo to hit me with his best song and I'd put it up here for you guys to say whether he had talent or he sucked. Never let it be said I wasn't a man of my word. Here is KEEMO with "They Said." Poll AnswersYoung Buck Feat. Young Jeezy- "I Got It"You didn't think Ca$hville's number one dude would stay off the grid forever did you? Back in effect with Jeezy riding shotgun, it looks like there is a little rust. Gotta be honest , I'm not in love with this song. It's been done many times before. Jeezy is his ordinary self on this and Buck while not lacking, needs something stronger than this to return to the game. Joe Budden Feat. The Game-"The Future"From beef to best buds? Better that than have them carrying on for eternity like Jay-Z and Jaz-O. Former antagonists Game and Budden get together for this track. not as aggressive as I would have hoped but I guess it is what it is. Not wack but not extraordinary either. If it was gonna be a club joint then get Akon or something. For the record, Game "out-presenced" Budden, who was lyrically better on it but neither was lyrically amazing. Chorus sucks ass. Alchemist Feat. Evidence,Blu,& Kid CudiThe intro on this had me feeling that this was gonna be harder than it actually was. It's an abnormal beat, laid back. If you're not paying attention you really can't tell the emcees apart which isn't good, but none of them are particularly weak;just not very distinguished. This song needs a smoked out Prodigy on it for some extra Y chromosome. Cool listen though.******************************************** Alternative Break Krista- Temporary InsanityOccasionally I throw up something for a change of pace. Here's a bit of some good old fashioned femme angst. I think they need a stronger rock guitar for the main stanza and a light piano to key in on that emotion but it's an okay song. Teen rage is in these days. ********************************************* Busta Rhymes Feat. Barrignton Levy and Kardinal Offishall-"No War"Another anti-war joint this time with Busta Rhymes. The song starts with Obama giving a speech and i gotta tell you I'm a little Obama'd out right now when it comes to putting his speeches on songs but this is a solid joint. Kardinal is nitro. It's a shame he didn't get more support.Enjoy your Sunday, keep it tight, watch football, love your families. Peace out Brussel Sprouts.************************************************OT Class of 98We've been blasting off on the Class of '88 all year, but '98 was a pivotal year in Hip-Hop. It was probably the apex as far as good albums selling and probably the beginnig of the true commercial era that we live in now. Relax and bump this. Peace.

Class Of 98cc*************************************************DOUBLE OT-More BreedRappin' 4 Tay ft Too Short & Mc Breed - Never Talk Down 1996