SICK SUNDAYS: Return of the Three Headed Monster, Jada Builds Momentum, Busta Drops A Bomb, New Drake

AllHipHop Staff

What's good my dudes. 2009 looks like it's going to be the year of missed chances in 2008 trying to actually come through.

Already a week in and we've seen joints by golden age heroes and we've seen Aftermath trying to build some momentum with their much ballyhooed "3 headed monster"

Former G-Unit soldier Young Buck have already hopped on a joint together and even new guys like Drake have been trying to make sure that 2009 is their year.

We got a lot of joints today some new some old and a bit over over time, so let's get it in

Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne-Breaktime

Tyga sounds at times like a young Eminem on this vocally (if not skillwise) and actually better than I expect from him. This is a freestyle kinda song with no real purpose but continuous spit. Anytime you can get a serious verse from Wayne where he takes the song seriously is a treat. He's got definite flavor and presence. Lol@ "where the hell is my health." Sick. His verse lyrically gains steam much like on Death Wish. Bump this.

Haze feat. Young Buck -Hate

Katt Williams speech on hate segues into this joint setting the plate on them haters. Buck doesn't sound rusty but that aggression doesn't seem to be there on this one. I think if you're trying to get back in you gotta go harder than this. Haze is adequate. Forgettable but not wack.

Busta Rhymes Feat. Jeezy & Jadakiss-Conglomerate

Bussa Bus is at it again. Right now he's probably the strongest of these 90's rappers fighting to survive musically. He bats lead off on this. Jeezy the Snowman shows up with more energy than usual emcee wise. Good showing. Batting cleanup is the kiss of death with a non-sleepwalking performance and a higher speed than he normally delivers. A banger. The Brit chick on the hook is a lil psuedo "Swagger Like Us."

Eminem Feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent-Crack A Bottle

You've prolly all heard this by now. It sounds like Eminem is trying to return to Slim Shady mode and i think that time is past. He is too old for that mentality and now it doesn't sound authentic. Considering how long we've been forced to wait for both this and Detox, this is weak. You can almost "hear" Shady when Dre raps. A ghostwritten verse from veterans who have worked together that long shouldn't be so aparent. 50 doesn't really sound liek his heart's into it. In a nutshell after the novelty fades, this track is forgettable. For these three giants that's a fail. Now wack but just not the caliber that a grouping of these three should bring.

Belly Feat. Drake-I Do This

Yo. Drake Rogers is nasty. You know I hate new rappers but this guy is serious. He's getting more presence on tracks by the second and he's just beginning to start killing things with delivery, and not just depending on lyrics. He's ill on the hook and on this beat he just has a different nature than a lot of the smoothed out stuff he's been dropping. It feels like getting signed has given him a higher confidence and you can hear it. Belly is no slouch on it and his delivery is grimey, but Drake is the star on this track. Bump this.

Jadakiss-Can't Stop Me

Jada is putting in work but we've heard this song before. The Diana Ross sample gets annoying as hell because they cut it too many times in the opening of the song. It's typical Jadakiss single fodder. Not wack , not revolutionary. This is really a middle of the album type song. Good to hear but nothing to convert anyone or make you run to buy the album. He won't lose any fans over it but he won't gain any either.

Mon E G Feat Rick Ross-Chevy Anthem RemixNo loss on here. Mon E G gets it in with Ross batting cleanup to give the track event status. Beat is dope, bump it loud. *************************************************OT Monday Mixtape NotoriousComing to you courtesy of the folks @ MTV news. Kinda lazy as there's no real crate digging going on and it's nothing new but it's enough to satisfy your Biggie fix **************************************************Double OT-R.Kelly feat 50 Cent-It Could Have Been YouIt doesn't sound like it's been mastered fully, the vocals are off with

the beat, but even mastered this is more meh. But it's new and leaked

so here you go.