SICK SUNDAYS: Swagger Like Drake, Wayne Puts in OT, Lupe Talks Retirement

What's good people? Sick Sundays once again coming to bring you what's hot and good in the Hip-Hop landscape. One thing before we go further I want to touch on is the use of the vocoder autotune, or whatever it is to make rappers sound like Soundwave from the transformers. It's garbage. It's wack with Kanye, it's wack with Wayne, it's wack with 50 Cent and it's just flat out wack. These higher level "emcees" should be ashamed of themselves for following trends like this. Let T-Pain have that trash. How are all these guys talking about swagger they have and how nice they are and they following lil or new dudes? Meh. Triple meh. You're better than that. Get your weight up.Aight, off the soap box, on to the music

Cory Gunz-All About MineCase in point. Cory is generally acknowledged as a young lion and ferocious on the mic. On this song I can't tell this from a generic Wayne autotuned up song. Gunz, come back to Earth on this and get back to Bodybagz type stuff. It will be better for you in the long run.

Busta Feat. Weezy & Luda-Throw It UpMore heat from Busta. It's almost a true tragedy that he's dropping so much heat that no one seems to give a damn about. This time he's got back-up with two upper level emcees. To be honest Busta kinda wipes them off this joint. It's lucky enough there's no auto found on this one, the beat is a lil slow for Bus, but it passes.

Drake-Swagger Like UsThis is probably gonna be the next A Milli with everybody rapping over it. Drake does a solid job of getting down even though he has an advantage cause he got a blueprint. He doesn't wipe anyone off but he holds his own. Look out for this guy. He's getting better every rhyme. Or every other rhyme depending on whether you hear a Wayne verse.

Killa Mike-Can You Hear MeI f***s with Killa Mike. This ain't new or anything but I just wanted to throw it in. Mike is always on the job lyrically and his flow is different. Support the grindThe Kid Famous-What I Wrote While I Was Taking A S**TThis

is altogether strange. Solid flow and delivery, vid quality is crisp

for an internet joint. I don't know that i can get with rhyming on the

toilet. Great to break the monotony though. Nobody has swagger like

this for sure. Bluuuurt.

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana-Pick N RollI think this combo is good for each other. The seem to make each other step up because I don't remember actually digging what Juelz had to say in a minute. This is solid. Here's to hoping that they actually finish that album together. Gotta find someway to work off that 2 million. Heat. Gorilla Zoe Feat. Lil Wayne-LostMelancholy joint by Zoe is very somber and takes you on a depressing role. Wayne comes through on the help out but then...he's back with the autotune. He's a better rapper than this. I know I'm harping on it but sheesh I was digging the song until Weezy came on with that. He brings the song down. Zoe represents on this. Most of you will dig this, so it's not wack but w/e.

Ludacris Feat. The Game & Willie NorthPole-Call Up The HomiesGame and Luda do their best EPMD impression going back and forth about Luda's field trip to L.A. You heard this song before in many different versions but it does its job. Rapper visits Cali and needs to stay strapped blablabla. Last verse is left to the newcomer Willie, who outshines both veterans on this song. It's good to hear Luda not rapping about ass, and Game keeps the names to a minimum (Although he's still rocking his Air Forces). It bumps.

Sedrew Price-Can You Feel ItA joint from a young hungry dude. He's getting a ton of buzz but to be honest, I don't know what separates him from any other new guy. Good energy but songs with cats in the back ground yelling AYYE reached their peak with "What You Know About That." I guess he's attempting an anthemic joint but in my opinion he should find out who he is on the mic and stay away from other people's lanes. But hey what do I know? If you like it then bang it.***************************************************************Lupe Talks RetirementHe's arguably the most gifted emcee of this generation and after two albums and one on the way he's already talking retirement. That would be such a waste. Personally, if you love something you never walk away from it but whatever. Good luck to him. Here's his words. Jay-z -99 Problems and Palin Ain't OneHov getting his political on. Some agree, some disagree. I just hope that as someone who has seen so much of the world he can talk about something other than what he used to be and talk about his journey to who he is now. 30 ain't the new 20. Grow up on the mic. If you're a real hustler like you say hustle some new s**t and make them like it. The Blue Magic is easy. Nas is taking the hard route. You're up now but not for long.


Bonus Coverage. Class of 88 v 1.2. Be on the lookout next week for volume 2. Peace out

Class of 88v 1.2*****************************************************************Shout to the Bay Area, Shout to Mac Dre (R.I.P) Peace to Mac Minister (Hold Ya Head) I'll Leave this one up to you guys. Bang it or Blow itY.B OF THA PILLIONAIRES - "RAP SUPERSTAR" from YB PILL on Vimeo.