Sickamore Drops Mixtape Showcasing Unsigned Talent

Mixtape DJ Sickamore

recently released a unique mixtape, Overnight Celebrity: The Street Power


The release ranks

what Sickamore labels the top 30 rappers in the United States that have yet

to release an album.

Sickamore, who

dubs himself 'Your Favorite A&Rs Favorite A&R’, said that he found

most of the artists as he was scouting for talent for Just Blaze’s new

record label.


kept saying Hip-Hop was dead" and that "all the new talent was wack,"

so I decieded to prove them wrong,” Sickamore explained to

“I got new music from the Top 30 artists on the street & put it together.

I banged my head against the wall putting it in order. I did it based on a mix

of street buzz & skills.”

Sickamore said

his goal was to rejuvenate the rap game with a fresh influx of new faces.


a smack in the face to the industry like ‘Here it is! Stop making excuses

& step your game up. Because like my man GZA said, most A&Rs are white

‘mountain climbers who play the electric guitar’ & don't no

jack s**t about our music.”

Overnight Celebrity:

The Street Power 30 is on the streets now.